Dutch american friendship treaty

Are you an American moving to The Netherlands?

DAFT image of the Netherlands

For a U.S. citizen who wishes to obtain a residency permit in The Netherlands, the two most common immigration procedures is to apply for a family reunification visa or for a permit as a Highly Skilled Migrant Worker. But if these options do not accommodate your immigration situation, a third option is available under DAFT, the Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

The DAFT was created to support American companies, entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers in creating business opportunities in The Netherlands. Successful applicants receive a residency permit that allows one to work on a self-employed basis or to represent an American company with business interests in The Netherlands. There is no requirement for the applicant to create added value to the Dutch economy.


Under the DAFT program, one’s first residency permit will be issued for a two-year period. The permit is extendable as long as the minimum capital investment of 4,500 Euros is maintained. The business does not necessarily have to be profitable. For this reason, DAFT is a highly beneficial immigration option for U.S. citizens who wish to establish a new business in The Netherlands or for U.S. nationals who do not qualify for a residency permit under other Dutch immigration programs. And because of the flexibility of this treaty, family members are easily able to obtain residency permits, even when the family members are not U.S. citizens.

Adam & Wolf Immigration Law Firm will help navigate you through the DAFT immigration laws and procedures. We will provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance to reach your unique personal and business goals.


Our American clients, who have established their new lives through the DAFT, come from all walks of life providing numerous valuable skills and experience to the Dutch work force.